Anvar computer center an associate institution is also  running under Anwar ITI situated in its campus which is providing different  computer courses for the students.  


We are very proud of our students as the Institution received much  attention and  appreciation and  from the public as well as from the media for the project works like Electric car with solar energy, Model of Burge Khaleefa building etc.

Up coming notable  projects of  Annvar ITI is special wheel chair for disabled person and grass cut machine with electric motor, model of stadium etc are under process.


1. well qualified and experienced instructors

2. Well equipped labs and workshops

3.Quality assessment test in every month


5. study tour and industrial visit

6.project work in every year placement cell

7.extracurricular activities

8. Seminar on each month.

9.placement cell

10. production workshop.

 The main success of ANVAR ITI Tirurkad is its natural ambiance of the campus , dedicated teaching staff,non teaching staff and students  , discipline & punctuality in the class room, and also the great vision and kind support from our beloved  management team.