Thanveerul Islam association is a unique body in the field of charity, It was formed in 1978 as the major cultural educational charitable society in Kerala. It registered under Indian society registration Act of I860 Reg. No 196/78. It is registered under income tax Act 12A/80G and also recognized by Government of India to receive foreign aid under Foreign Contribution Regulation Act.

The society is a non-profit and non-government organization involving in several social service activities, educational improvement, women and child labor eradication and poverty alleviation etc, for the past 43 year, now about 2600 students from various part of Kerala are studying under the  well care of the association.

The society run orphanage , educational institution, technical training center for the welfare of human beings and especially for below poverty people and backward classes . Besides this we conduct, medical camp, motivation camp, health class, awareness camp, literacy class, medical treatment for Women’s, Teenage and old age.

The society doing so many social work in various village of throughout Kerala state. Some of them are listed as follows.

Anvar under the pattern shop of Thanveerul Islam Association runs the following institution.

1. Anvarul Islam Yatheenkhana
2. Anvarul Islam Yatheenkhana for girls
3. Anvar Higher Secondary School
4. Anvar Nursery School
5. Anvar Industrial Training Institute  (Nevt Govt. Of India)